About us

With more than 30 years experience, Lillingston have designed parties and weddings all across the globe and are proud to be one of the most exclusive and established companies both at home and internationally. Original in all that we deliver, every event we create is a one off; a momentous occasion that is entirely unique to you.

Purposefully remaining boutique in size throughout the years, we take great pleasure in getting to know each and every client, developing ideas together and guiding those that might not quite know what they want until they see it! We aim to make not only the event an unforgettable experience but also the planning process because really, planning any celebration should be cause for celebration itself!

With our dedicated team of expert organisers and creative perfectionists, we work tirelessly to turn even the wildest dreams into unimaginable realities.

‘I cannot thank you enough for what can only be described as the best day of our lives. There really are no words.... It was truly out of this world. ’



Founded in 1993 from her flat in Putney, Sophie Lillingston transformed the art of throwing a party and Lillingston soon became somewhat of a pioneer in the events industry. Dreaming bigger than anything experienced at the time, Sophie organised revolutionary once-in-a-lifetime celebrations in all corners of the globe and ‘The Lillingston Party’ soon became a much sought-after and talked-about affair. Her unique creativity, enduringly positive attitude and party-loving nature established both the signature Lillingston style and friendly company culture that remains today.

Now, our party-loving team headed up by Simon Clark and Amy Bell are continuing the legacy of ‘The Lillingston Party’ stronger than ever before.