Going Global

This is the view from my HK desk and Lillingston’s Asian office which I my friend Ruby the Zebra! It is no wonder that I am inspired to do more parties in far flung exotic places which are now on my door step. We are excited to return to Vietnam to stage another party down on the Mekong, or imagine how magical it would be to do a dinner in a temple in Angkor Wat or on an island in Sri Lanka.

With Lillingston spreading its creative wings we are thrilled to be doing parties all over the world. Every day I am meeting new Asian contacts and discovering gem places. I am loving the fabric and flower markets and do regular trips into China. I am enjoying the HK life and embracing the general spirit: “You only live life once so live it to the full”

It was an exciting but big step for me after 21 years being based in London to head East. Lillingston has had a phenomenal year and I am extremely proud of our team!